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From Facebook harassment to football protests, social media and clickbait content collide for heated, emotion-driven debates about free speech laws and limits. How can you cool the temperature and set a facts-first agenda? In this three hour workshop, NewseumED provides teaching tips, historical context and classroom-ready lessons on free speech basics, contemporary issues and checking for bias. Participants leave with new ways to help students find and assess sources  — and themselves for fairness to hold informed debates about their First Amendment rights.

This workshop includes interactive lessons with a Newseum educator, teaching strategies, and resources to share with colleagues.

  • Educator
Day(s) offered
Time(s) offered
8 a.m.–5 p.m. ET


Venue and Capacity
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Minimum enrollment
40 participants
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Registration required

Let us come to you!

We'll travel anywhere in the United States at our expense — between now and the end of June 2019. Fill out the application today; a limited numbers of workshops are available.

For more details on timing or content, please call the education reservation line at 202/292-6650 or write to 

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