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  • This museum is a true treasure of knowledge and is definitely a must see.”

    Julian Giordano Student, Grade 7
  • The Newseum informs me of important topics that I wouldn’t have learned in the classroom.”

    Ruthann Richards Student, Grade 11
  • The Newseum is a place where you can have fun and also learn new things.”

    Tyrez M. Student, Grade 8
  • The exhibits are thought-provoking for adults and exciting for kids.”

    Jack Kelly Student, Grade 9
  • It displays both current and older news in an interactive way, like you have never seen news presented before.”

    Lauren Campbell Student, Grade 11
  • The Newsum is the nation’s media library.”

    Daniela Shia-Sevilla Student, Grade 11
  • It always blows my mind how many awesome exhibits there are to visit. The Newseum rocks!”

    Rohan Yaradi Student, Grade 12
  • The Newseum is such a unique experience...there’s always something new to learn and explore!”

    Danielle Pasekoff Student, Grade 11
  • Allison Meakem

    The Newseum perfectly intertwines exhibits on history, highlight the importance and freedom...”

    Allison Meakem Student, Grade 12
  • I was absolutely blown away by both the quantity and quality of the resources! ”

    Heather Lister Librarian, Hershey (Pa.) Middle School
  • To have been a part of this institute is not only professionally life altering, but also personally.”

    Lisa Mayo English, Grades 9-12
  • NewseumED develops teacher-reviewed materials that expose students to meaningful content in engaging ways.”

    Chantea Wright Instructional Technology Resource Coach, Grades 6-12


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