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  • The virtual format engaged students in Orange County, Calif., with technology in meaningful and authentic ways.”

    Rob Vicario History-Social Science
  • This resource did a great job of encouraging students to dig deeper.”

    Christina Roy Social Studies, Grade 10
  • The field trip made what would have been abstract ... very, very concrete and authentic.”

    Shayne Swift IB Coordinator, Grades 9-12
  • The Newseum is a unique experience. It connects real world events to the heart of each individual.”

    Jane Peterson English, Grade 8
  • After a field trip to the Newseum, I hear from the students and chaperones that it was 'the best field trip ever!'”

    Tammie Matos Communications, Grade 7
  • From the First Amendment to 9/11, NewseumED has impressive digital content for every unit I teach.”

    Alan Weintraut AP English, Grades 9-12
  • The Newseum is the perfect convergence of news, history, literacy and freedom!”

    Michael Freedman Journalism Professor
  • All the content from NewseumED is high quality and fully accessible for my students. That makes it invaluable!”

    Shay Taylor Education Technology Specialist, Grades 9-12 and college
  • NewseumED is the essential online resource for educators, especially journalism, media arts and civics.”

    Reginald Ragland ELA, K-12 and college
  • The primary and secondary resources are totally awesome!”

    Hassan Mims Social Studies, Grades 9-12
  • You truly are giving us very practical, realistic tools to take home to our students and classroom.”

    Annette Spahr ELA & Literature, Grades 8-12


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