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  • Case Study

    Watergate Case Study: ‘Deep Throat’ and Anonymous Sources

    May 31, 2015

    Decades after the Watergate scandal, Mark Felt publicly revealed that he was the mysterious "Deep Throat” who guided Post reporters in their investigation. We offer a case study that examines the reliance on a source who insists on not being identified.

  • Case Study

    Case Study on Ethics: The Final Examination

    May 15, 2015

    As the school year heads into final exams, we share with you a case study about the ethical dilemma a student faces after he sees a classmate cheating.

  • Breaking News

    The Baltimore Riots: Newseum Resources

    May 1, 2015

    As events in Baltimore continue to unfold, use Newseum resources to make connections in your classroom. Here is a list of relevant resources and lesson plans that relate to the events in Baltimore. Resources fall into three categories: media literacy, historical connections and civics and citizenship.

  • Civics & Citizenship

    The Baltimore Riots: A Teachable Moment

    April 28, 2015

    The Newseum believes that improving civic education has the power to improve our schools, communities and our democracy. The Baltimore unrest can be an entry point in your conversation with students.

  • Case Study

    Case Study: Rebel Prom Dress

    April 21, 2015

    As prom season is upon us, we share with you a case study of a high school senior who wanted to wear a gown patterned after the Confederate flag. See how First Amendments rights come into play.

  • Historical Connections

    Unsung Heroes: Carry A. Nation

    April 1, 2015

    Standing 6 feet tall, it was difficult to miss Carry A. Nation when she walked into a bar or saloon; add a hatchet, and you have a woman who was impossible to miss.

  • Historical Connections

    Unsung Heroes: Alice Paul

    March 25, 2015

    Alice Paul devoted her life to women's rights in the United States. She worked tirelessly to give women the right to vote and wrote the first draft of the Equal Rights Amendment.

  • Historical Connections

    Unsung Heroes: Jeannette Rankin

    March 20, 2015

    Jeannette Rankin spent her entire career fighting for social reform, women's rights and peace. She was the first woman elected to Congress.

  • Historical Connections

    Unsung Heroes: Nellie Bly

    March 17, 2015

    This ambitious female journalist pioneered a new form of journalist and broke world records for circumnavigation.

  • Historical Connections

    Unsung Heroes: Road Trip for Suffrage

    March 8, 2015

    On Jan. 1, 1915, Sara Bard Field, Maria Kindberg and Ingeborg Kindstedt began a cross-country road trip to deliver a petition with a half a million names supporting women's suffrage to President Wilson in Washington, D.C.


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