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User Accounts

Will I receive lots of emails if I sign up for a account?

  • No. When you sign up for NewseumED, you will get a confirmation email that your NewseumED account has been created. Unless you subscribe to our e-newsletter, you won’t get emails from us.

I forgot my username – help!

I forgot which email I used to sign up – help!

Is it only for teachers?

  • No, it’s for anyone and everyone! If you’re not an educator or a student, select “Other Learner” on the registration form.

How can I reset my NewseumED password?

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  • Click Edit Profile on the left-hand toolbar. Then, enter a new password on the Personal Information form.

How do I change the email address on my account?

  • Click Edit Profile on the left-hand toolbar. Then, enter a new email address on the Personal Information form.

How do I change my user name?

  • Create a new account with a new username. Send us an email at  with your old username. We will delete the old username for you.
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Student Accounts

I want my students to use resources on  Does every student have to register?

  • Nope! You can use the share button for all copyright-protected resources. With the desired page open, click the share button to generate a unique url that you can project or write on the board (or email to your students) so they can all access it without logging in. The url will last for two weeks, but there’s no limit to the number of times you can generate one. Please note, you won’t see a share button for artifacts that are in public domain. Teachers can just give the url at the top of the page to students.
  • If you want your students to be able to use many different EDTools, we recommend that they create their own logins.

What is your privacy policy?

My students don’t have email addresses. Can they sign up for

  • Yes, if you create a class email account. TeachersFirst has excellent tips for creating a class email account and subaccounts for individual students.

Do you require students to enter personal information in order to create an account?

  • Students can enter a first initial and last initial in the Personal Information form. When they choose Student in the Occupation field, they will automatically bypass the rest of the registration form.
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Teaching and Learning

What’s the difference between an activity, lesson plan and unit?

  • An activity can be completed in one class period. A lesson plan requires additional prep work or homework. A unit is composed of several lesson plans.

Are the NewseumED lesson plans aligned to Common Core standards?

  • Yes. Scroll to the bottom of each activity and lesson plan to see which standards are met.

What other standards do you meet?

  • Many lesson plans and activities also meet other national standards, including ISTE 2016, Center for Civic Education, NCSS, National Center for History in the Schools, and National Council of Teachers of English.
  • See a complete list of national standards met with resources.

Where do I find content for my grade level?

  • Under EDTools, click the blue Select a category menu. Select one or more options under Grade to find content for your students.

Is your content written for different grade levels?

  • Our content is written for different grade ranges: elementary, middle and high school. We also have content for AP and college students, as well as for teachers.

Do you have content for early elementary grades?

  • We have lesson plans and activities appropriate for students in grades 3-5. While we don’t currently have content specifically for grades 1-2, our lesson plans are available as Word documents so they can be adapted easily.

What is the ideal age group or grade level for student classes taught at the Newseum? 

  • Ideal grade levels for each class are listed in each class description under Booking Information.
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How do I search for a specific artifact?

  • Two ways:
  1. Use the magnifying glass icon at the top right side of the page. Type in a newspaper name, historical figure, social movement, etc. You’ll get artifacts as well as activities, EDIdeas and other resources on your subject.
  2. Select EDTools on the left-hand tool bar. Type your research subject in the search bar. Now you’ll get only classroom resources related to your search term. To get only artifact results, click on the blue Select a Category menu in EDTools. Choose Type of tool, then Artifact.
  3. Want more help with search? Download our Search Overview and Tips Guidebook.

What is the oldest artifact on NewseumED?

Do you have newspapers in other languages?

  • A few. Generally, we focus on American newspapers that are published in English but we occasionally include papers from other countries and in other languages if it is tied to a major historical event. For example, we posted several German newspapers to show how they covered Jesse Owens’s victories at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.
  • Find more: Through a special agreement with more than 2,000 newspapers worldwide, the Newseum’s Today’s Front Pages online exhibit displays front pages each day on its website. The front pages are in their original, unedited form and many of the international papers are in other languages.

Why aren’t all the front pages on NewseumED downloadable?

  • Some artifacts are restricted for copyright reasons. If you need a PDF version of a restricted front page, submit a special request via our Contact Us form.

Can I save favorite items and lessons for future use?

  • Not on your NewseumED profile, but you can always bookmark them on your browser.
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How can I find videos?

I still can’t find my favorite videos from your old Digital Classroom.

My school blocks YouTube. Will I still be able to play NewseumED videos?

  • We don’t use YouTube, but some schools or school districts block videos from unknown websites. In that case, you will need to contact your IT department to get approved for class use. If additional information is required, ask your IT department to email us at

My students use iPads. Will I be able to play the videos without Flash?

  • Yes! All content on the site is fully responsive and mobile friendly.
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What security measures are in place?

  • All data transfer to and from the website is encrypted with a 2048-bit TLS security protocol (formerly SSL) to ensure sensitive data is not vulnerable to data intercept. The core OS is kept up to date with the latest packages from official repositories. All systems are behind a hardware firewall, allowing only secure and authorized access.

For more information on student security, see the Student Accounts section above.

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Technical Help

Do I have to use a specific browser or hardware to access

  • No hardware requirements or installation are needed – just the recent versions of common Internet browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera.

Do I need to download or install any kind of software in order to use

  • No.
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Are your videos accessible for those with limited or no access to audio?

  • All videos have open captioning and/or downloadable transcriptions.

Is compatible with screen readers for the blind?

  • Screen readers will capture the text on our website. We create versions of all downloadable resources, including artifacts, on request. To request a large print or Braille version of a downloadable resource, call 202.292.6650.

Do you provide assistance for EDClasses & Trainings?

  • Assistance (e.g. ASL interpretation, assistive listening, description) for programs/tours can be arranged with at least seven business days’ notice. Please contact AccessUs at or by calling 202/292-6453.

What other ADA compliant services are available?

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Other Questions

Can I link to

  • Yes! Please help us spread the word by linking to our website and to specific resources, and by mentioning us on social media.

Are you on social media?

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