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Historical Connections

Resources for 2018 National History Day Projects

Newseum Education offers rich on-site and online content for students working on "Conflict and Compromise" projects.


Students can find numerous and diverse connections to NHD’s 2018 theme “Conflict and Compromise” in our 1,000+ EDTools and in our curated EDCollections, which provide an in-depth look at issues through the lens of the First Amendment. offers free access to the Newseum’s vast collection of primary sources with explanatory text, including historical newspapers, original newsreels and other artifacts that make history resonate today and shed new light on current debates.  Content is searchable by topic, century, key people and more.

(To access some of these resources, you must be signed into NewseumED; registration is free.)


Content Related to NHD Sample Themes
  • “Making a Change” explores how First Amendment freedoms empowered people in the civil rights movement to fight for change. It includes an interactive timeline.
  • “Women, Their Rights and Nothing Less” chronicles the decades of work to get women the vote. An interactive map showcases advocacy artifacts like pro- and anti-suffrage pamphlets and buttons. Follow stories of conflict and compromise, including the creation of the National American Woman Suffrage Association.
  • “Freedom in the Balance” examines the clash of individual rights versus national security in the wake of 9/11, and pairs historical and contemporary case studies.
  • The Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party and others take action in “Is the System Fair?” case study in our Election 2016 EDCollection.

Students are free to use images of any sources from the Newseum Collection in their National History Day projects as long as they visibly credit “Newseum Collection.” If you have any questions, please email

 In the Newseum

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Explore some of history’s greatest examples of “Conflict and Compromise” through artifacts, historic newspapers and videos.

  • Berlin Wall Gallery: Stand in the shadow of eight 12-foot-high concrete sections of the original wall, one of the most imposing symbols of the Cold War and a constant  reminder of the geopolitical tension between the United States and its allies and the Soviet Union.
  • Make Some Noise”: Students and the civil rights movement: Explore the generation of student leaders who exercised their First Amendment rights to oppose segregation and would not compromise in their fight for justice.
  • Cox First Amendment Gallery: Explore stories of real people who have used their freedoms of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition to enact change. See the conflicts  that arise when people have different ideas of what words and actions are protected by the First Amendment.

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