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Historical Connections

Women’s History Month Resources

Free online historical newspapers, videos and lesson plans connect the women's suffrage movement to the ongoing fight for equality.

One of the many picket lines suffragists organized outside of the White House in 1917.

Library of Congress, Manuscript Division

“Ten Little Suffergets” Anti-Suffrage Book

Updated March 7, 2018

From artifacts on the Seneca Falls Convention to a video on Susan B. Anthony’s arrest to a timeline on major events in the fight for gender equality,  NewseumED is your source for lesson plans and activities that can be used to observe Women’s History Month in March and all year long.

Suffragists utilized the five freedoms of the First Amendment to change gender inequality across the nation and to secure the right to vote.  We have numerous resources for you to bring the women’s suffrage movement and the First Amendment into your classroom and/or enhance a visit to the Newseum. (To access some of these resources, you must be signed into NewseumED; registration is free.)


On the NewseumED website 

At the Newseum

      • “First Amendment and Tinker” is a 30-minute class offered free to school groups visiting the Newseum. The class focuses on the landmark Supreme Court case that protects student speech and Mary Beth Tinker who led the charge.
      • “Their Rights and Nothing Less: The First Amendment and the Women’s Suffrage Movement” is a 90-minute workshop for teachers that looks at how suffragists used the freedoms of press, assembly, speech and petition. Attendees receive primary source materials from the Newseum’s online resources to spark connections to issues and causes that students care about today.
      • Our Global Scavenger Hunt lets students learn about the different ways of communicating, news around the world and the life of journalist Elizabeth Cochrane, aka Nellie Bly.

You can find additional information on all of our classes here and on how to schedule a field trip. If you have questions, please email the Newseum Education Department or call 202/292-6650.

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