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Our Team

Meet the members of NewseumED. We're here to help you and welcome any feedback. Email us at or call 202-292-6650.

Barbara McCormackBarbara McCormack
Vice President/Education
Years with the Newseum: 21
Favorite artifact on NewseumED: Video recording of Justice Ginsburg presiding over Bradwell v. Illinois (1873) moot court.



Kim AshKim Ash
Years with the Newseum: 7
Favorite artifact on NewseumED: The Daisy Ad from the 1964 presidential election — if you think it’s bad now, prepare to be very surprised!



Anna Kassinger

Anna Kassinger
Director of Curriculum
Years with the Newseum: 6
Favorite artifact on NewseumED: “Congressional Pugilists,” a 1798 political cartoon with a modern feel and sassy rhyme.



Kirsti Kenneth - Copy - CopyKirsti Kenneth
Curriculum Developer
Years with the Newseum: 10
Favorite artifact on NewseumED: A handwritten student newspaper from the Civil War. “Many a mother’s heart grew sick” at the news that nine local men had been drafted into the Union Army.



Katharine KosinKatharine Kosin
Museum Educator
Years with the Newseum: 6
Favorite artifact on NewseumED: This melodramatic account of Alexander Hamilton’s death following his duel with Aaron Burr (sir). It shows that the excessive use of exclamation points and capslock seen online today is nothing new.



Dana Krafft
Volunteers Coordinator
Years with the Newseum: 2
Favorite artifact on NewseumED: The New York Post front page report on Orson Welles’s Halloween radio program based on “The War of the Worlds.” His adaptation was so realistic that thousands of listeners believed they were hearing news broadcasts of an actual Martian invasion of Earth!



Adam LewandowskiAdam Lewandowski
Museum Educator
Years with the Newseum: 4
Favorite artifact on NewseumED: The New York Press with front page coverage of the assassination attempt on Theodore Roosevelt and his subsequent speech on the campaign trail in 1912.



Jessi McCarthyJessi McCarthy
Outreach Educator
Years with the Newseum: 2
Favorite artifact on NewseumED: The Denver Post reporting on the “sighs of relief” when Y2K didn’t crash all of the world’s computers.



Barbara PearsonBarbara Pearson
Outreach Coordinator
Years with the Newseum: 13
Favorite artifact on NewseumED: The Charleston Courier’s flowery obituary in 1836 of James Madison.



Talisa ProctorTalisa Proctor
Field Trip Specialist
Years with the Newseum: 10
Favorite artifact on NewseumED: Rolling Stone magazine cover of presidential candidate Barack Obama in 2008.


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