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  • Choose the News: Gallery Guide

    Students go through the Today’s Front Pages Gallery at the Newseum to understand how the content of a front page reflects community interests, concerns and values.

  • ‘Inside Today’s FBI’: Gallery Guide

    Students visit “Inside Today's FBI: Fighting Crime in an Age of Terror” (Hubbard Concourse) to learn how the press, the public and the FBI have responded to criminals from 1930s gangsters to today's cyberterrorists.

  • Making a Change: Gallery Guide

    This guide takes students through the News History and "Make Some Noise" galleries at the Newseum to see how others have used the five freedoms to foster social change.

  • Plan a Visit

    Suggested itineraries and gallery guides help you meet educational goals, keep your group organized and make the most of your museum visit.

  • World News Reporter Passport

    Travel the world through the news! Students use this gallery guide in Today's Front Pages Gallery or with online papers to learn about how we get and share news.

  • Media Ethics

    Students understand why ethical journalism is important and can apply the guiding principles of the journalists’ code of ethics.