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  • Choose the News Gallery Guide

    Students go through the Today’s Front Pages Gallery at the Newseum to understand how the content of a front page reflects community interests, concerns and values.

  • Believe It or Not? Gallery Guide

    Students navigate the News Corporation News History Gallery and the Bloomberg Internet, TV and Radio Gallery to get a better understanding of today’s media landscape.

  • ‘Inside Today’s FBI’ Gallery Guide

    Students visit “Inside Today's FBI: Fighting Crime in an Age of Terror” (Hubbard Concourse) to learn how the press, the public and the FBI have responded to criminals from 1930s gangsters to today's cyberterrorists.

  • Plan a Visit

    Suggested itineraries and gallery guides help you meet educational goals, keep your group organized and make the most of your museum visit.

  • Media Ethics

    Students understand why ethical journalism is important and can apply the guiding principles of the journalists’ code of ethics.

  • Photo Ethics

    Students understand why ethical photojournalism is important and can apply the guiding principles of the photojournalists’ code of ethics.

  • On the Campaign Trail

    Students understand persuasion techniques used by politicians when running for office, deepening their ability to analyze media produced by campaigns and separate fact from fiction.