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Guest Blog Posts

Teachers and others share ways to uses NewseumED resources in the classroom. Find all our guest blogs in one place. Be inspired by your peers' ideas.

  • Case Study

    Encouraging Students to Think Through Life’s Gray Areas

    2016 Annenberg-Newseum Summer Institute alum Shelley Sheets got unexpected — and welcomed — outcomes when she created a real-life case study on shoplifting to hone her students’ reading and writing skills. She provides a DIY design to help you create a successful case study.

  • Lesson Plan

    Facts & Consequences of Fake News

    In this classroom-ready lesson plan, an Ohio social studies teacher asks students to consider the implications of fabricated stories and how they can harm individuals and/or groups.

  • Testimonial

    My NewseumED Summer Institute Experience

    California teacher Stacy Yung reflects on her three days at the Newseum learning new ways to incorporate media literacy and citizenship in her classroom.

  • Inspirational

    Engaging Students to Create Social Change

    “If we want students to be engaged in issues that matter, then we have to teach them skills that make the issues accessible and provide ways to participate,” says a Maryland AP Language teacher whose goal is to have her students learn to advocate for themselves and their community.

  • Media Literacy

    Using Online Lessons to Debate Student Freedoms

    In a refresher on the First Amendment freedoms, Kristen Rowe says “my class was quick to name press, speech and religion, but not one of the 30 students could name petition or assembly.”

  • Lesson Plan

    Evaluating Sources to Write an International Policy Brief

    2016 Annenberg-Newseum Summer Institute alum Susan Ikenberry provides a classroom-ready activity to help students recognize and evaluate the multitude of perspectives and biases present in the news media. Students then write a briefing paper on an international topic.

  • Case Study

    A Case Study of Brexit Vote Coverage

    This lesson plan lets students examine news decisions in the coverage of the historic vote in June 2016 and plot how they would have covered it for a fictional newspaper.

  • Presentation

    10 Ways to Re-Energize Learning

    Elementary school teacher Megan Bird challenges you to rethink what you do in the classroom and try one new thing to impact learning.

  • Testimonial

    My Aha Moments at ANEW15 Teacher Institute

    Lisa Mayo, a teacher from Pennsylvania, recounts her participation in the 2015 Newseum Summer Teacher Institute and the ideas she’ll take back to the classroom.

  • Activity

    Connecting Literature & Film to Artifacts

    A NewseumED intern identifies artifacts in our online collection that can enhance students' understanding of the historical context of books and film adaptations.

  • Media Literacy

    Using Newspapers in the Classroom

    Andy Cunningham, a middle school teacher in State College, Pa., shares his lesson plan on using newspapers to learn about the world and community.

  • Activity

    #HuckFinn Through H@ndles

    Annette Spahr, an English teacher at Harrisburg Academy in in Lemoyne, Pa., and 2015 Annenberg-Newseum Summer Institute alum, offers a lesson plan on a unique way to blend digital tools and social media into teaching literature.

  • Media Literacy

    Reading Headlines: Recognizing Media Influence

    A summer institute alum provides a lesson designed to help students think about how we read news, how that news influences our world view, and how to recognize bias both in ourselves and in the media.


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