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60-90 minutes
  • Current Events
  • Journalism
  • 2-6

Hang that imaginary press badge around your neck, and sharpen your investigative skills – you’re about to become an ace reporter!

Journalists know that the best way to gather facts and tell the story is to ask six guiding questions. These questions are a reporter’s best friend: Who? What? When? Where? How? and Why?

We’ll use six questions to guide you through the big stories in the Newseum. But first, a couple of things:

  • Where it says Learn, the guide will give you some new information.
  • Where it says Investigate, you will explore the exhibits, read and think.
  • Where it says Report Out, you will record an answer to your investigation.
  • Where it says Think About and Talk About, your chaperone will lead you in a group discussion, or you will talk with a partner.

  • Junior Reporter guidebook (download), one per student

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