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Why NewseumED

We provide free quality online resources to cultivate the skills to authenticate, analyze and evaluate information from a variety of sources and to provide historical context to current events.

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Once you’ve registered, you’ll discover how NewseumED makes history, civics and media literacy relevant to students’ lives. Our approach begins with using the First Amendment as a springboard to illuminate the challenges and ideals of our democracy and to cultivate the skills needed to make informed decisions in a diverse and demanding world. Leveraging the museum’s collection, we provide rich content, interactive tools and lesson plans that help students make historical connections to topics of high relevancy to them, notably current events. at a glance

    • Optimized for mobile devices, tablets and desktops
    • Hundreds of historic front pages, videos and artifacts
    • 230+ lesson plans and activities
    • Curated, standards-aligned content
    • Interactive timelines and maps
    • Thematic suites of resources on the civil rights and woman suffrage movements, Election 2016, and balancing individual freedoms and public good.
    • New content added frequently

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making a difference

We often get emails and comments from teachers, thanking us for our quality online resources and classroom-ready lessons. In an effort to quantify the impact on students’ learning, we hired the education nonprofit organization Project Tomorrow to survey teachers who used resources in spring 2016. Here’s what they told us.

Tips and Treasures

  • Looking for ways to incorporate NewseumED resources in your classroom? Check out these guest blogs from teachers and others for ideas and inspiration.
  • Meet the NewseumED team and discover our favorite artifacts.
  • Track the growth of Newseum Education from 1997 to today in our timeline of milestones.
  • Need help with NewseumED content, website or registration process? Contact us.

“The depth of questions to spark curiosity, discussion and research are very beneficial. … Your focus on primary source documents is right in line with Common Core and research — love it!” Michele Galla, teacher, Wrangell, Alaska

The NewseumED Approach

We develop and organize our materials to work in a broad range of classroom subject areas using three lenses:

  • Historical Connections, including:
    • Reading journalism as the first draft of history
    • Interpreting written and visual primary sources
  • Media Literacy, including:
    • Analyzing print and digital information and the importance of an informed citizenry
    • Understanding how the free press operates, including its strengths and shortcomings
  • Civics and Citizenship, including:
    • Balancing the rights guaranteed by the First Amendment with individual and community responsibilities
    • Leveraging the role of the free press in a democracy
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Dive into specially curated collections of primary sources and lessons on civil rights, women's suffrage and more.

  • The primary and secondary resources are totally awesome!”

    Hassan Mims Social Studies, Grades 9-12
  • The Newseum is a unique experience. It connects real world events to the heart of each individual.”

    Jane Peterson English, Grade 8
  • All the content from NewseumED is high quality and fully accessible for my students. That makes it invaluable!”

    Shay Taylor Education Technology Specialist, Grades 9-12 and college