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Media Literacy EDCollection Debuts at Teacher Open House


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"If you are a student who wishes to understand some historical aspects, or you are a teacher of history, this powerful tool [NewseumED] is for you!" How cool!

Italian Insider story on useful study apps for students


Teacher Open House Is Oct. 6. Will You Be There?

We've been busy over the summer, creating content for a Media Literacy Essentials EDCollection and giving our website a makeover. We hope you can attend the official launch at our annual Teacher Open House on Saturday, Oct. 6. Admission is free for educators. Enjoy:

  • Special programs, classes, tours and curatorial sessions
  • A keynote panel featuring experts from the news, technology and education sectors
  • A sneak peek at our Free Speech Fundamentals EDCollection, coming this November
  • Special $11 admission rate for your guests
  • Complimentary Food Section vouchers

Register in advance and get a chance to win door prizes.


AASL Names Us a 2018 Best Website

The American Association of School Librarians included NewseumED in its list of 2018 Best Apps and Best Websites for Teaching & Learning. The honor was announced at the American Library Association's annual conference in June. NewseumED was recognized for providing "enhanced learning and curriculum development for school librarians and their teacher collaborators." Thank you AASL for the recognition!


Encourage Your Students to Apply

NewseumED is looking for energetic and dedicated middle and high school students to join the Student Advisory Team for the 2018-2019 school year. The team works with education staff on new lessons, curriculum and programs. Applications are due Oct. 3.


Sweeps Winner in 'Disbelief'

Congratulations to our Teacher Open House sweepstakes winner Katie Leach from Pennsylvania! "It is pure joy and disbelief," Leach says of her reaction to winning. Leach is a gifted-support teacher and online course coordinator at Weatherly Area School District and an adjunct professor at Wilkes University. Among her winnings: airfare and lodging (compliments of Liaison Capitol Hill) to attend the open house on Oct. 6, $200 to spend at local restaurants, and a private tour of the Newseum. Our thanks to all who entered the spring sweepstakes.


Are You Ready for Constitution Day?

Celebrate Constitution Day with the Civics Renewal Network! Take the Preamble Challenge along with hundreds of other students and teachers across the nation. The challenge is a fun, easy way to fulfill the Byrd Amendment requirement that educational institutions that receive federal funding teach about the Constitution on Sept. 17.

Visit to find free civics education resources, including Constitution Day lessons and activities. NewseumED is part of the CRN, an alliance of 33 nonpartisan, nonprofit organizations committed to increasing the quality of civics education in our nation's schools.


Making Sense (or Trying to) of the Election Process

Remember our great online content from the 2016 elections? We've updated it for this year's primaries and midterm elections. Our EDCollection provides historical context and tools to help your students navigate the current political scene. Go to Decoding Elections: Process, Persuasion & Participation.


Can Your Students Name All 5 Freedoms?

Sadly, more than one-third of respondents (40%) in a recent survey were unable to name a single freedom guaranteed by the First Amendment. The annual survey by the First Amendment Center of the Freedom Forum Institute captures Americans' views and opinions on the First Amendment and its contemporary issues. We've got the resources to help your students name all five freedoms.


Additional Resources for Teaching the 5 Freedoms

Speaking of First Amendment resources, The First Amendment Watch offers free teacher guides to help educators at high school and college levels teach important First Amendment cases and concepts. The project, which shares our commitment to civic engagement and an understanding of the First Amendment, provides extensive coverage of speech and press controversies as well as critical legal and historical context that citizens need to understand and defend their rights to freedom of expression.


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EDClasses & Training

  • Religious Liberty for Students

    Students will be introduced to the principles that flow from the religious liberty clauses of the First Amendment.

  • Religious Literacy for Students

    Students will be introduced to academically rigorous and constitutionally appropriate models for analyzing the role of religion in private and public life.

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