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June 20, 2016, press release  

Education Commission of the States is proud to announce the Newseum as the 2016 recipient of the Education Commission of the States Corporate Award. The award honors nonprofit organizations and for-profit corporations that have demonstrated a sustained commitment to, and investment in, improving public education, particularly efforts that reach those currently not well-served by the educational system.

The award was created under the leadership of former Wyoming Gov. Jim Geringer, who served as the 1999–2000 Education Commission of the States Chair. The award will be presented to the Newseum at Education Commission of the States’ 2016 National Forum on Education Policy, which will be held from June 29-July 1 in Washington, D.C.

Dedicated to free expression and the five freedoms of the First Amendment, the Newseum opened its doors in 2008, and since then, the museum has welcomed more than 6 million visitors. Through its exhibitions and films, the Newseum, located in Washington, D.C., delivers a historical narrative of the history of journalism and explores civics and world events through media coverage. The Newseum is also committed to engaging and teaching students across the country and expands its outreach beyond the museum’s walls – encouraging, providing and supporting educational development for students of all ages.

“The Newseum provides a formidable learning opportunity to citizens and students across the country and it is my pleasure to present the Education Commission of the States Corporate Award to this exceptional institution,” said Jeremy Anderson, president of Education Commission of the States.

Whether holding on-site classes and workshops, convening space for college classes or assisting teachers with program development and providing their students with research support, the Newseum provides millions of students with access to a wealth of resources and an enriched learning experience. These opportunities give students a broad view of not only world history, but also a comprehensive look at the impact of communication, enhancing their knowledge of and abilities in media literacy.

“NewseumED is thrilled to accept this award and have our work with students and teachers across the USA recognized,” said Barbara McCormack, vice president of education at the Newseum. “Media literacy and an understanding of First Amendment freedoms are important in producing students who are informed and engaged in today’s world. We provide crucial support and resources to do that.”

Education Commission of the States is honored to award the Newseum with the 2016 Corporate Award, as its continued investment in education through interactive methods and established practices has created a diverse pathway for learning for museum patrons and students alike.

For questions, contact Education Commission of the States Communications Director Amy Skinner at [email protected] or (303) 299.3609.

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