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  • “I cannot begin to count all the aha moments I felt as a participant in the #ANEW15 advanced institute this summer. As I review the Google Slide presentations multiple times, I find myself revisiting those moments. There will be differences in my classroom this year because of my experience at the Newseum with so many brilliant teachers and librarians from all over the country. ... I hardly think there is any part of my teaching experience that will not be impacted by my three glorious days at the Newseum this summer.”
    Lisa Mayo testimonial
    Lisa Mayo
    English teacher
    Millersville, Pa.
  • “After a field trip to the Newseum, I heard from the students and chaperones that it was 'the best field trip ever!'”
    Tammie Matos
    Communications teacher
    Middle school
  • “The Newseum is one of my favorite museums. ... NewseumED develops teacher-reviewed materials that expose students to meaningful content in engaging ways. ”
    Chantea Wright
    Instructional technology resource coach
    Grades 6-12
  • “You truly are giving us very practical, realistic tools to take home to our students and classroom.”
    Annette Spahr
    ELA and literature teacher
    Grades 8-12
  • “From the First Amendment to 9/11, NewseumED has impressive digital content for every unit I teach.”
    Alan Weintraut
    AP English teacher
  • “I appreciate how easy NewseumED makes it to teach students to think critically about the media. The lessons introduce students to specific strategies they can use when they encounter media to assess its credibility, evaluate the level of bias present in the media, and counter their own biases when encountering information online.”
  • “The coolest free resource I'd never heard about. @NewseumED champions the #FirstAmendment and media and digital literacy. This is a really great thing. I'm going into the rabbit hole, team! Don't untie my cable or the bell attached to the string around my finger, please. ”
    Chris Brant
  • “I have attended some day-long seminars which were overbearing and tedious, and this one was just the opposite. All the content was interesting and will be useful to me in my classroom this year. I was completely impressed with the program. Having traveled from Chicago for the event, I can say it was well worth my time and the expense to attend.”
    Mike Colletti
    Amos Alonzo Stagg High School
  • “NewseumED approaches fact-finding in the lens of journalism. However, this lens isn’t just about journalism — it’s about information as a whole. At times, this lesson plan actually delves deeper than information, too. It requires students to examine themselves and take a hard look at their own biases, the news that attracts them, and the information that repels them.”
    Chris Zook
    Content Marketing Manager
    Applied Educational Systems
  • “NewseumED is an incredible tool that gives students access to primary sources that can help teach media literacy and provide a closer look into historical events past and present.”
    Chris Defonce testimonial
    Chris Defonce
  • “At a time when the concept of 'truth' has become pretty shaky, having access to primary sources has never been more important. NewseumED deserves a place on every history teacher’s list of go-to resources.”
    Cult of pedagogy logo
    Cult of Pedagogy
    Podcast: 6 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2018
  • “[Fact Finder is a] treasure trove of resources ... so you can teach an entire week (maybe more) about media literacy. ”
    Applied Educational Systems
    Curriculum development company
    "Top 5 Media Literacy Lesson Plans and Resources"
  • “The Newseum is a unique experience. It connects real world events to the heart of each individual.”
    Jane P.
    Jane P.
    English teacher
  • “The exhibits are thought-provoking for adults and exciting for kids.”
    Jack K.
    Jack K.
    High school student
  • “I've had Newseum bookmarked for a while, but it wasn't until winter break that I sat down and explored it. I was absolutely blown away by both the quantity and quality of the resources! It's not merely a collection of primary sources - Newseum makes the resources relevant to students framing them around current issues and real world connections. I'm absolutely blown away by the lesson plans. I can't wait to get back to school and see these in action!”
    Heather L.
    Heather L.
    Hershey (Pa.) Middle School
  • “I came to the Newseum expecting a small, budding museum about reporting, but was presently [sic] surprised to find that it was a giant, beautiful, modern, and informative museum that I could spend days roaming before getting bored. This museum is a true treasure of knowledge and is definitely a must-see.”
    Julian G.
    Julian G.
  • “The Newseum is such a unique experience from its interactive exhibits to thought-provoking topics. There’s always something new to learn and explore! ”
    Danielle P.
    Danielle P.
  • “The Newseum is a place where you can have fun and also learn new things.”
    Tyrez Montague
    Tyrez M.
  • “All the content from NewseumED is high quality and fully accessible for my students. That makes it invaluable!”
    Shay Taylor
    Education technology specialist
    High school and college
  • “I’ve been coming to the Newseum regularly for five years, but it always blows my mind how many awesome exhibits there are to visit. The Newseum rocks!”
    Rohan Yardi Testimonia
    Rohan Y.
    High school student
  • “NewseumED is the essential online resource for educators, especially journalism, media arts and civics.”
    Reg Ragland testimonial
    Reginald Ragland
    English/language arts teacher
    K-12 and college
  • “The Newseum is the perfect convergence of news, history, literacy and freedom!”
    Mike Freedman testimonial
    Michael Freedman
    Journalism professor
    George Washington University
  • “The field trip made what would have been abstract ... very, very concrete and authentic.”
    Shayne Swift testimonial
    Shayne Swift
    IB coordinator, high school
  • “The Newseum is wonderful! It displays both current and older news in an interactive way, like you have never seen news presented before.”
    Lauren C.
    High school student
  • “The Newseum is the nation’s media library.”
    Daniela S.-S.
    High school student
  • “The Newseum perfectly intertwines exhibits on history, technology, and both serious and lighthearted events to highlight the importance of the news and freedom of expression in our modern, interconnected world.”
    Allison Meakem testimonial
    Allison M.
    High school student
  • “My students now are interested in the news, understand media bias and are aware of checking multiple sources to properly evaluate.”
    Donna Clark
  • “[My students] loved the costumes and group work. It was very interactive, relaxed and fun. They were able to learn some important Bill of Rights vocabulary and conceptualize it.”
    Mia Moen
    Annandale, Va.
  • “The Newseum did a good job presenting the material in an interesting and engaging way.”
    George Coe
    West Potomac High School, Va.

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