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What’s new?

  • A spotlight on the First Amendment-meets-media literacy focus that makes our content unique and useful across a broad range of subject areas.
  • A new artifact viewer to pore over 1,100+ digitized periodicals, photographs, pamphlets and more. 
  • Better tools to browse our content and discover new ideas and resources.
  • Improved search to help you find specific items. 
  • Streamlined tools for sharing with peers and students, including via Google Classroom. 

With improved ways to find what you’re looking for and stumble upon your next inspirations, we hope this new site makes it easier than ever to bring the Newseum into your home, office or classroom. 

Take a look around, then let us know what you think! Email us at

The NewseumED Team 

EDClasses & Training

  • From Facts to Firewalls: Leading Free Speech Debates

    Get the First Amendment background and media literacy techniques to help students understand where and how they can exercise freedom of expression in a world of social media and social protests.

  • Is It Fair? Evaluate Your Media

    Are accusations of bias clogging your news feed? Are your students quick to point out that something's unfair — but not as ready to explain why? Tune up your “fairness meter” to assess how objective or biased content really is.

  • The Civil War: From the Front Lines to the Front Pages

    Students see how technology affected news coverage and public perception of the Civil War, then create their own front pages with breaking news, maps and telegrams.

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