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New "Headlines That Changed History" Activities


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Black History Month Resources

Check out our extensive resources online and at the Newseum to explore the struggle for racial equality. Among them:

  • Explore a searchable timeline featuring over 200 historical front pages, videos and photographs from the civil rights movement.
  • Compare newspapers' front page coverage of civil rights milestones across the country with our media map.
  • View "The Press and the Civil Rights Movement" video, with accompanying lesson plan.

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Girl Scout Day March 3

Enjoy crafts, games, tours and more at a fun-filled day for scouts. Special $11 admission fee for girls, leaders and their families.

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New on NewseumED

Two activities from our "Headlines That Changed History" poster explore turning points and journalism as the first rough draft of history.

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On the Road

On the Road — Winter Stops

We'll be busy exhibiting and/or presenting on fake news and our media literacy resources at conferences from coast-to-coast.

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Ruth Snyder: DEAD!

Ninety years ago, the Daily News splashed a sensational photo of an execution on its front page. Use our lesson plan to debate the ethical issues.

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EDClasses & Training

  • Religious Liberty for Students

    Students will be introduced to the principles that flow from the religious liberty clauses of the First Amendment.

  • Religious Literacy for Students

    Students will be introduced to academically rigorous and constitutionally appropriate models for analyzing the role of religion in private and public life.

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