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  • Artifact

    Jesse Owens Breaks Record in 100-Meter Dash

    The Aug. 3, 1936, edition of San Francisco's Chronicle reports that Jesse Owens breaks the world record for the 100-meter dash. The American sprinter is pictured finishing well ahead of the pack in the quarter-final at the 1936 Summer Olympics.

  • Artifact

    Jesse Owens's World Record 'Tossed Out'

    The Aug. 3, 1936, evening edition of The Baltimore News-Post notes that Olympic officials tossed out the world record Jesse Owens set in the 100-meter dash quarter-finals, ruling that wind was a factor.

  • Artifact

    Cleveland Paper: Owens Leads 'Yankee Doodle Boys'

    Jesse Owens's hometown newspaper notes that the "wing-footed young Clevelander" led "those Yankee Doodle boys" at the 1936 Summer Olympics. The Americans dominated track and field events; Owens won gold medals in the broad jump, 100-meter race, 200-meter race and 4x100-meter relay team.

  • Artifact

    Jesse Owens Smashes Olympic Records, Donates Trees

    The sports section of the Lancaster (Ohio) Eagle-Gazette dedicates two articles to Cleveland native Jesse Owens. One provides a description of his record-breaking finish at the 1936 Berlin Olympics; the other details his donation of "genuine Olympic oaks" to Ohio schools.

  • Artifact

    Owens Unbeatable, Says 'The Baltimore News-Post'

    This Maryland newspaper notes that "the United States today ended all doubt about team supremacy" and produced "the first double winner of the eleventh Olympiad in an amazing unbeatable Jesse Owens."

  • Artifact

    Owens Wins Second Gold Medal at Olympics

    An Associated Press article on the front of the Chicago Daily Tribune sports section notes that the second gold medal for Jesse Owens, "the tan thunderbolt," came in the long jump.

  • Artifact

    German Paper: Gold for USA, Record for Owens

    The banner headline in the Volkischer Beobachter, a Nazi newspaper, notes the four gold medals for the USA at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. The subhead says Jesse Owens sets world record in the broad jump.

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