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How Does Social Media Shape Speech? Debate Comparison Header Image
Debate Comparison

Amplifying Speech Through Social Media

The internet has changed the nature and reach of free expression, for better or worse. Activists can now share their protests on social media, increasing both awareness and division. Children find it harder to find relief from bullying when their tormentors can reach them online at any time.

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  • Constitution
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  • 9-12
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How does social media shape speech?

G55477_teaser Kaepernick

2016: Posting About a Player’s Protest

Social media users had strong reactions to NFL players making political statements during the national anthem. Many shared messages of support but others believe the athletes disrespected the American flag.


2018: Confronting Cyberbullying

This critical debate examines recent efforts by states to ban cyberbullying, which critics worry could be hard to enforce without endangering wider online speech.

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