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Photograph of Refugees Arriving in Germany, 2015
Debate Comparison

Regulating Online Expression

The First Amendment prohibits the U.S. government from censoring most speech. This is not the case in other countries, however, which can cause tensions for American social media companies operating there. At the same time, evidence mounts of the harm caused by bad information online.

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You're Exploring Free Speech Essentials

Should online speech be limited?

Lawmakers Urge Internet Companies to Resist Censorship Abroad, 2018 teaser

2018: Supporting State-Sponsored Censorship

Activists accuse Facebook of aiding the Vietnamese government in censoring dissidents, raising questions about the responsibilities of social media companies in countries with less political freedom.


2018: When Hate Goes Viral

Germany passes a law that fines social media companies for not taking down illegal content fast enough, sparking debate on whether this regulation endangers free speech.

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