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Kennedy’s 7-Point Plan for Cuban Missile Crisis, 1962

The president outlines military and diplomatic action to stop Cuba from accumulating weapons that threaten U.S. security, The Herald reports on Oct. 23.

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    The Miami Herald
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    October 1962
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    Front Page
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On Oct. 14, 1962, a U.S. spy plane photographed the existence of  Soviet medium-range ballistic nuclear missiles in Cuba, just about 100 miles from the U.S. mainland.

Eight days later, President John F. Kennedy tells the American people about the missiles and their threat “in a grim emergency nationwide radio-television address,” The Miami Herald notes in its lead story. He promises “full retaliation” against the Soviet Union if a nuclear missile launched from Cuba strikes any nation in the Western Hemisphere.

Details of Kennedy’s seven-point program on Cuba are printed in the red box on the front page on Oct. 23. They include a “strict quarantine on all offensive military equipment under shipment” to the island nation and a request for an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council.

The Miami Herald, based in a city with a large population of Cuban exiles, devotes much of its news space to the crisis. The Crisis At a Glance list at the bottom details related stories inside the issue. Among them: “Wonderful,” exclaims Cuban exiles.


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