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Election 2016:
What's your Political Personality?

Question 1 of 9
Flags waving at Presidential campaign rally
The presidential candidate you support is planning a rally in your town. What do you do?
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Question 2 of 9
Websites with Latest News
You want to know the latest campaign news. How do you find it?
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Question 3 of 9
Candidate debate illustration
The major-party nominees are meeting for their first big debate. What will you be doing?
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Question 4 of 9
One of your friends is making fun of the candidate you support on Snapchat. What do you do?
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Question 5 of 9
Elections Ahead Sign
It’s a month before Election Day. What are you doing?
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Question 6 of 9
Arrow poll crash
The candidate you want to win is behind in the polls. What will you do?
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Question 7 of 9
Candidate at private event
Speaking at a private event, the candidate you most dislike is caught on tape saying something you find offensive. What do you do?
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Question 8 of 9
Microphone at event
The candidate you support is holding a rally on the night before the election. What type of event do you think it should be?
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Question 9 of 9
Voting Booths
It’s Election Day! What do you do? (If you’re not yet 18, pretend you’re old enough to vote.)
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