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  • Free Press in America

    Through a case-study format, participants learn about the five freedoms of the First Amendment, limits to the freedom of the press and discuss modern day challenges driven by new technologies.

  • Stop the Presses!

    In this one-hour team-building experience, discover how newspaper editors decide what stories make the front page every day, then race to design your own front page on deadline.

  • NewsMania™

    Test your news IQ by playing the Newseum's popular current-events game show that's as fresh as today's headlines! Great for team building.

  • Media Ethics Team Building

    This one-hour enrichment program introduces principles of ethical journalism to your team and gets them debating how news organizations cover today's stories.

  • Ace Reporter Challenge Scavenger Hunt

    In this team-building experience, groups race to solve five puzzles in the Newseum's galleries that culminate in an epic final challenge.

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